Australia Red Cross First Aid Day will focus on responding to car crashes on September 8

 Australian Red Cross first aid trainer George Chapman. Photo: FILE

Australian Red Cross first aid trainer George Chapman. Photo: FILE

The Australian Red Cross has announced this year’s World First Aid Day on September 8 will educate people on how to respond if they are first on the scene of a car crash.

Up to 15 % of motor vehicle crash related deaths could be prevented if first aid was administered before paramedics arrived. Nationally, more than 1,100 lives could have been saved over the past five years if members of the public were able to practice first aid. 

The campaign “you don’t need a licence to save lives” is hoping to draw attention to the rising rate of car crashes and how the public can help.

First Aid Day spokesperson Janie McCullagh said it was well known many severely injured people do not survive unless timely first aid is provided.

“The application of first aid techniques in particular proper positioning of the victim prior to the arrival of emergency services can mean the difference between life and death,” she said. 

“The bystander effect can lead to tragic consequences, so it’s important to equip all Australians.”

Ninety per cent of accidents in Australia are caused by distraction, fatigue, speed and alcohol or drugs. 

“It is known that care provided in the first few minutes of a car accident can make a statistical difference in both mortality and morbidity,” an Australia Red Cross spokesperson said. 

“With many families planning their Christmas and summer holidays now is the time to become first aid ready,” Ms McCullagh said. 

Book into a Australia Red Cross first aid training course by contacting: 1300 367 428