Stan Grant to talk in Dubbo about his Indigenous education mission

Journalist and Aboriginal affairs advocate Stan Grant will lead an important discussion on improving Aboriginal education, training and employment outcomes at the TAFE NSW Bangamalanha Conference in Dubbo.

Mr Grant hopes to inspire attendees to share their post-school knowledge, experiences and expertise with a view to facilitating improved results for Aboriginal peoples and communities.

“It is incredibly important to our people to build strong futures based around education and stable employment,” Mr Grant said. “This allows us to break the cycle of neglect and poverty and the inheritance of trauma that so many still struggle with.

“We know that Indigenous people have the worst outcomes in education, employment, health, housing, and the highest rates of imprisonment - I want to focus on how to succeed and how to maintain strong connections to culture and identity.

“When I was growing up educational opportunities were often limited or even denied to my people. My own education was sporadic and disrupted as my family moved from town to town.”

Mr Grant said in the past 20 years a “mini revolution” has occurred in Indigenous education.

“In the past two decades we have seen a mini revolution where the number of Indigenous people in tertiary and post secondary education has exploded. It’s great to see Indigenous people are seizing new opportunities in vocational training at TAFE NSW,” he said.

“I’m incredibly excited to be a part of this conference. Apart from anything it is a chance to be back on my ancestral country.

“I have deep Wiradjuri roots and many of my family come from around the Dubbo region.

“My father wrote the first Wiradjuri language dictionary and education has always been an incredibly high priority for my family.”

TAFE NSW Regional General Manager Kate Baxter said Mr Grant will be one of many speakers at the conference.

“TAFE NSW is Australia’s leading training provider and we’re very proud that we have been able to gather so many wonderful, inspirational Aboriginal speakers for the conference,” Ms Baxter said.

“Bangamalanha is Wiradjuri for share with each other – we’re looking forward to these high profile Aboriginal affairs advocates joining with participants to share stories of successful programs, approaches and most importantly, help deliver positive outcomes for Aboriginal peoples.”

The Bangamalanha Conference will be held from September 10-12 in Dubbo. For information or tickets, visit