The 2WheelBabes to host a world record attempt in Dubbo 2018

The 2WheelBabes said they’d be back in 2018 and they’re keeping their promise.

The organisation is the largest all women’s motorcycle group in Australia.

They are gearing up to bring the 2018 Babe Raid to Dubbo, with their sights set firmly on reclaiming the most women on bikes and most women at a motorcycle meet,

In 2016, 1002 women and their bikes took over the Dubbo Showground – setting a new record.

But a British group stole that title when 1132 women and their bikes gathered at Prees Heath near the Welsh border.

The Australian’s want their title back and are hoping to get more than 4000 people at the Dubbo event in November.

The Babe Raid will take place at the Dubbo Showground from Friday, November 17 to Sunday, November 19, 2018.

“The importance of the event is to raise awareness in the outer community that female riders exist and we are a large force to be reckoned with…,” , organiser Debb Geerts said.

“But also that we’re not as scary as people think….”

The women riders come from all over Australia and this year, some will be flying form the United States to attend.

Two days of the event, Friday and Saturday, will be women exclusive.

But there will be a men’s only rally at the Macquarie Inn on the Friday and Saturday night.

For the wider community wanting to help out and show their support, Ms Geerts said everyone was welcome to attend the open day on Sunday, November 18.

“Or line the streets, look out for our map (route), we have a 100 kilometrre route line. So line the streets, cheer us on and help us put Dubbo on the map internationally as being the place to be,” she said.

This year is Ms Geerts 16th rally for women motorcycling in Australia.

“I’m very honoured to be running something so wonderful for the female community of motorcyclists,” she said.

A gala night will be held on the Saturday and Ms Geerts said they will hiring local entertainers.

“Our biggest thing is about supporting local,” she said.

A majority of what they’ve done has been organised, supplied or bought in the Dubbo community.

“We’re here to give money back to the community that are welcoming us…,” Ms Geerts said.

“We’ll also donating some of our profits this year to the local farming community.”

Whilst 2WheelBabes is the biggest in women’s motorcycle group in Australia, it is also one of the largest international groups for women’s motorcycle rally’s.

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