Two car crashes prompt Dubbo Emergency Services to remind the public to drive safely during wet weather

SLOW DOWN: Dubbo Emergency Services attended two separate car crashes on Sunday. Photo: Dubbo Fire Station
SLOW DOWN: Dubbo Emergency Services attended two separate car crashes on Sunday. Photo: Dubbo Fire Station

Dubbo police officers and firefighters have urged the public to drive to the conditions following two car crashes on Sunday.

Orana Mid-Western Police District Inspector Keith Ridley reminded the public to drive the conditions, especially during rain and fog Dubbo residents have experienced in the last two days. 

Emergency services attended both of the crashes. Those involved were not seriously injured.

About 12.50 a blue Hyundai vehicle was travelling easterly along Tamworth Street and stopped at the intersection between Tamworth and Fitzroy street.

A Nissan patrol vehicle, travelling north on Fitzroy Street and the blue Hyundai collided. There was damage to the front of both vehicles and Dubbo Fire Brigades attended to clean up the fuel spill on the road.

Both drivers were treated at the scene with minor injuries.

“It appears the Hyundai driver had stopped at the stop sign but went through without giving way properly, matters of the incident are being investigated,” Inspector Keith Ridley said.

Emergency services also attended an incident reported at Wingewarra Street. 

In a post on their social media page, Dubbo Fire Station reminded the public that country residents are four times more likely to be killed on the road than city residents. 

Dubbo Fire Station Station Commander John Polouf reminded the public to be careful when drive and to slow down, especially if they are unsure of the conditions.

“It’s been a while since we have had to drive in wet conditions. Please drive to the conditions and allow extra stopping distance in the wet.” 

Orana Mid-Western police have also appealed to road users to be careful, not to take risks or become distracted.  

“Police are appealing to drivers to be careful on wet surfaces, it hasn’t rained in a while, there’s a lot of oil build up on the road which tends to be activated across the road when it rains, people should drive to the conditions,” Inspector Ridley said.

Dubbo experienced about 25 millimetres of rain over the weekend and a morning fog on Monday morning and is forecast to experience another bout of rainfall on Thursday and Friday. 

Tips for staying safe on NSW roads include:

  • Plan your route and rest stops along the way
  • Drive to traffic conditions, stick to speed limits and state laws
  • To avoid fatigue, make sure you get a good night’s sleep and avoid driving after midnight. Plan to share the driving if you can
  • Be aware of signs of fatigue: yawning, excessive blinking, bloodshot eyes. Pull over for a break in a safe place and take a nap - 20 minutes works best
  • Have a Plan B if you intend to drink alcohol - don’t get behind the wheel
  • Always wear a seat belt. As a driver it is your responsibility to make sure every passenger in the car is buckled up
  • Check your vehicle before driving - tyre tread and pressure, lights, breaks, engine oil, coolant and power steering fluid.