Orana Mid-Western police arrest man after striking police officer

At 3am on Tuesday Orana Mid-Western police attempted to stop a silver Honda Accord in central Dubbo. The driver of the vehicle fled and a police pursuit began.

The vehicle entered Burge Place Dubbo where a number of occupants of the vehicle fled the now stationary car.

Police continued on foot to pursue and attempted to stop a 36-year-old Dubbo man, one of the occupants of the vehicle.

The male only travelled a short distance before being intercepted by police. 

As police attempted to stop the male he used a number of different methods including striking the police officer to avoid the arrest. 

Police contained the male, however, still attempted to push officer’s in the face while being arrested.

The male was taken to Dubbo Police Station where he was charged in relation to resisting an officer in the execution of duties. He attended Dubbo Local Court and pleaded guilty to the offence.