Circus Oz performer Tara Silcock is having the time of her life

Last year Tara Silcock ran away and joined the circus.

Circus Oz to be precise.

The foot juggler, hula hoop and manipulation artist for Circus Oz is having the time of her life as part of the company’s regional tour.

Circus Oz was founded in Melbourne 1978 and in that time it has spellbound audiences both nationally and internationally with its electrifying shows.

On September 5,  the cast – which includes nine performers and two musicians - will make their way to Dubbo to perform their latest show Model Citizens at the Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre.

This will be Tara’s first time visiting Dubbo and she was really looking forward to coming to the city.

Before joining Circus Oz last year, Tara completed a bachelor of Circus Arts at the National Institute of Circus Arts specialising in foot juggling and hula hoops.

Her love of the circus and a passion for performing is what drives her. However, the thing she is most proud of is her ability to tie shoelaces with her toes.

“I remember seeing the big top circus when I was a kid, and I can’t believe I’m here… it’s definitely come full circle,” she said.

The show features an all human cast and is performed by equal parts males and females.

The show is based on questioning what is a model citizen in a modular, uptight world.

Local audiences should expect plenty of fun and amazing skills on show, Tara said.

“It’s a very layered show and is more of a narrative piece. Our director did a great job,” she said.

After Circus Oz finishes touring the country in October they will then head off for an overseas tour before wrapping up for the year.

They will even be performing overseas on Christmas Day, and while Tara said it will be very different to her usual barbecue lunch with family, she wasn’t too worried.

“You couldn’t run away (to the Circus) with a better group of people,” she laughed.

“It’s really like a big family.”

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