Decades of love for old Kilby family truck finally restored |Photos

For decades a well-loved Morris Commercial truck has been in the Kilby family.

It’s taken more than 500 hours for Brian Kilby to restore the vehicle but on Saturday all the hard work was put on display at the Dubbo Vintage Truck, Tractor and Quilt Show.

The truck was purchased in the early 1950s by John Kilby. As well as being the family car it was used to cart wood and for their bee business.

“We would drive to Dubbo from Ballimore and you’d have Mum and Dad in the front, with mum nursing one or two of the kids, another kid in the front with them and then probably five on the back,” Mr Kilby said.

It was about two-and-a-half years ago when Mr Kilby decided to restore the car. The restoration work began a year later. A week ago Mr Kilby had it registered.

“I wanted to lave as much of it as it was back then. There’s dings and stuff in it which we left there so it’s got a lot of history about it,” he said.

Mr Kilby said he was grateful to all the family members who had helped restore it to its former glory. Many of the relatives came to see it at the truck show, he said, and it had been great to reminisce about its past.

“It’s a piece of Kilby history. Too many of these have gone to the graveyard,” Mr Kilby said.

Mr Kilby’s niece Belinda Wooderson said it was a very loved vehicle and she was looking forward to sharing the truck’s story with her own children.