A drought is a natural disaster and more aid is needed

Its a joke a truck load of hay is 15k plus right now. that's 1 load!!! 6k or even 12k isn't even a full load never mind anything else. Water needs to be brought in to help. Feed needs brought in to help.

You hand over foreign aid $ like a never ending bucket and they never hand it back hell they never even assist us when tragedy strikes on our turf.

When you supply emergency aid from a cyclone or flood to areas in Australia money is given out without hesitation and without a list of criteria or that it has to he paid back! Why should our farmers who you have left out there to go it alone for years in drought who are now at severe risk of bankruptcy or death due to unable to feed themselves trying to feed stock instead and intense stress and exhaustion or suicide.

Kids aren't attending school. Farm hands contract fencers and alike are now also unable to stay on the payroll as farmers can't afford them! You think if rain comes its going to be fixed? NO! Its going to take 2+ years to restock farms, sort ground for crops, rebuild the grass growth and that's if it rains before the heat really comes! Good rain isn't even on a radar up till like February!

This is a major situation this is dire straights this is a living nightmare! This isn’t a cyclone that's going to come and cause havoc and be gone tomorrow with repairs over the next year or so. This is a multiple state effect that won't be able to be repaired for years longer if you don't assist properly.

Don't even worry about the money hell truck in feed and water by the truck load to each property send them help by way of the army air force navy whatever. Just get it there. Do something besides creating mountains of stress in paperwork actions will speak louder. You do so much more for so many other things!

A drought is a natural disaster. Why is no one in the government making some noise about this and making something happen! Someone get a voice and start campaigning for help and more aid! Maybe the government needs to head out west and spend a few weeks working it and living it without all their cushy incomes and homes and jobs in suits!

- Caroline Reid

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