OPINION: Dubbo is a friendly and welcoming town

I am new to town, my wife and I have lived here for two weeks and we love it.

I was in Dubbo for two weeks earlier this year after the passing of the Liberal’s editor to help out the newsroom during a difficult time, they were short staffed and needed someone to write, I was called upon, and I gladly said yes.

That goes down as one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I was welcomed into the newsroom by a crack team of hardworking and enthusiastic journalists and advertising and sales staff, which just made my job a lot easier.

But it wasn’t just the Liberal staff who were friendly.

I was lucky enough to visit the Western Plains Zoo, and when I introduced myself to the staff, they also were friendly and organised a special treat for my wife and I, a one on one feeding session with a tiger.

It was a memorable experience made all the more enjoyable by the informative talk from our friendly guide. 

Now we are permanent residents of Dubbo we will take advantage of the offer in place that allows us to become members of the zoo and visit as much as we like. 

We became permanent residents because I was offered the job of deputy editor here at the Liberal.

The search for a house to live in was a bit stressful because we only had three days to complete our quest and there was not many to choose from in our price range.

Every real estate agent in Dubbo was helpful and bent over backwards to accommodate us. Some opened houses for us outside of regular times, and all of them made us feel like we were the most important client they would have.

When we had a house and had moved in, we went shopping for a new bed.

Every retailer we went to was more than helpful and offered to deliver our bed to us on the day, so we did not have to continue to sleep on the floor.

When we chose a bed, the retailer delivered it that day and gave us a “welcome to Dubbo” gift for our house. 

Clearly, this was service above and beyond, and it caused the bride and I to pause and think about how Dubbo people had treated us.

We concluded that Dubbo is a friendly and welcoming town and we are so glad to be here.

I look forward to writing for you and being a member of this wonderful community. – Craig Thomson