Dubbo Regional Council to start CEO recruitment process

A new Chief Executive Officer isn’t likely to be appointed at Dubbo Regional Council until October.

An extraordinary meeting of council will be held on Monday night to determine the recruitment  process for a new CEO. In December, Michael McMahon was appointed interim general manager, the position title was then changed to CEO.

The council meeting will determine the membership for the selection committee. As it currently stands, the committee will be comprised of mayor Ben Shields, deputy mayor Anne Jones and councillors Stephen Lawrence and Greg Mohr, who are committee chairs. It will also include a representative from Local Government Management Solutions.

The timeline for the recruitment process will also be determined on Monday night. It is recommended the advertising process begins on August 3 and runs until August 27.


The shortlist of applications will start on September 4. The fist round of interviews will be held between September 12 and 13, before the final round of interviews with councillors is done in October 2.

An extraordinary meeting for the appointment of a CEO is then scheduled for October 8 at 5pm.

Mayor Ben Shields said the recruitment of a CEO was a key priority for council.

“The competitive recruitment process seeks to identify the candidate with the best qualifications and experience to lead the organisation and all potential candidates will be encouraged to apply,” Cr Shields said.

The associated costs of the recruitment process will be funded from savings identified at from the June quarterly budget review.

The extraordinary meeting will be held at the Dubbo council chambers on Monday at 5.30pm.