Dick Smith closure set a sad indictment of Aussie buying habits

So Dick Smith Foods is set to close.  This is a sad indictment of Australian buying habits and a reflection of the national quest to buy Cheap-Cheap, ignoring Australian companies  like Dick Smith Foods, who have endeavoured to support our local farmers and producers.  We baulk at paying a little more for quality Australian produce  -  when the response to the pleas for help for farmers in this terrible drought shows we really are a generous people.  

Why is it that our good sense doesn't extend to our choice of foodstuffs? Aldi is a rapacious Company that exports its profits overseas, and employs minimum labour.  The same applies to the likes of Costco, Amazon, etc., and we will rue the day we have not supported our local businesses.  Woolworths, Coles and IGA come in for a lot of criticism, but are in fact increasingly supporting local producers.  Foreign companies offering minimal jobs should not be patronised.  

What can be done to alert the general public to the need to support Dick Smith Foods and other Australian businesses? 

Carol Macpherson