Dry July: Family inspires Ali van der Linden to raise cancer funds

Like many Australians, Ali van der Linden will sometimes unwind after work with a glass of wine.

DRY JULY: Ali van der Linden enjoys a Friday evening mocktail at the Monkey Bar. Photo: JENNIFER HOAR

DRY JULY: Ali van der Linden enjoys a Friday evening mocktail at the Monkey Bar. Photo: JENNIFER HOAR

But not this month.

The Dubbo resident has been taking part in Dry July, an annual event that raises funds to support the more than 11,000 Australians diagnosed with cancer in an average month.


Miss van der Linden had “never had any inclination” to go alcohol free before, but after a close family member was affected by cancer, she decided to give it a go.

“Like many Australians, my family has been directly affected by cancer,” she said.

“I have a family member who has had cancer, so I’m doing it for them.

“If I can make life easier for any person (or their family) undergoing cancer treatment by simply giving up alcohol for a month, seems easy enough a sacrifice for me to make.”

Miss van der Linden has chosen to raise funds for the Dry July Foundation Supporting NSW, which awards grants to NSW organisations offering cancer support and treatment services.

Previous recipients include Orange’s Western Care Lodge and the Coonabarabran Cancer Support Group, as well as accommodation projects in Albury and Lismore.

Dry July also supports organisations like the Cancer Council and Leukaemia Foundation.

Miss van der Linden said being ‘dry’ had not been too difficult, and but she was looking forward to celebrating her birthday next month with a glass of wine.

“Certainly there’s been a few days after a long day at work where I have craved a glass of wine, but I have stayed strong!” she said.

“My motivation to raise money for cancer patients, and the donations I have raised so far are keeping me on track (and in line!)

“[There have] definitely been some positives to going dry during July; I feel my sleep sleep has benefited from the booze ban and I have more energy in general.”

Miss van der Linden has raised $800 of her $1000.