OUR SAY: Let’s fly away: Fly Corporate to Brisbane and Melbourne

Use it or lose it! 

That was the message from Dubbo Mayor Ben Shields at Wednesday’s announcement of a re-establishment of scheduled direct flights from Dubbo City Regional Airport to Brisbane and Melbourne.

The Dubbo Regional Council struck the deal after they and local businesses encouraged established regional airline Fly Corporate to pick up the space in the market left by Jetgo’s downfall.

“I am thrilled that Fly Corporate has decided to start these routes and this will be of significant benefit to residents and businesses in the Dubbo Region,” Cr Shields said.

“But this is a use it or lose it opportunity for Western New South Wales. 

“If the residents of Dubbo don’t use this service we will end up losing it, it is up to the residents of Dubbo and Western New South Wales to get behind Fly Corporate and use them as a service for flying to Brisbane and Melbourne, the slots they've made available are fantastic.” 

And why wouldn’t we use it? One of the problems living in regional areas in my experience has been connectivity.

You either have to drive for hours to get to a major airport then get a flight to your destination or drive even more hours if you decide to make an entire journey by road. Train travel is hit and miss in regional areas and not well patronised, probably due to that fact and cost.

Here we have direct flights available every weekday and on a Sunday, why wouldn’t Dubbo locals escape the cold winter and fly to Brisbane for some sun?

Fly Corporate will commence flights from August 7 on weekdays departing Brisbane at 8.10 am and arriving in Dubbo at 10 am. The return service will depart Dubbo at 10.35 am and arrive in Brisbane at 12.15 pm. A Sunday service will depart Brisbane at 1.25 pm and arrive in Dubbo at 3.15pm; the return service will depart Dubbo at 3.50 pm and arrive in Brisbane at 5.30 pm.

Escaping for a weekend away to Melbourne will now be a lot easier. If you are a fan of shopping or the footy, there will be flights to Melbourne from September 28, a twice-weekly return service from Dubbo to Melbourne’s Essendon airport. 

Flights will operate on Friday and Sunday departing Dubbo at 10.35 pm and arriving at Essendon airport at 12.30pm with a return service leaving Melbourne at 1.05pm, arriving in Dubbo at 2.50.