Drop in development but total worth still high

Development dropped in the Dubbo local government area during May.

During the month Dubbo Regional Council approved 65 development applications or complying development certificates. It was significantly lower than the 77 given a green light in May 2017.

For the financial year to May there have been 726 developments approved, far less than the 783 for the same time period the year before. However, the combined value of the developments is relatively similar. 

From July to May the approved developments in the LGA were worth an estimated value of $179.7 million. During the same time period from the year before the 783 developments were worth $178 million.

In May there were 22 dwellings approved, as well as three developments for multi-unit housing.

Single dwellings were the most popular item approved, followed by 21 garages or carports and seven swimming pools. Approval was also given for two child care centre applications worth $2.8 million.

For the current financial year there have been 192 single dwellings approved and 53 applications for multi-unit dwellings.

The Building Summary was one of only a handful of items on the agenda at the council committee meetings on Tuesday night. The meeting was moved from Monday night due to the public holiday.

Councillors also voted to close a walkway off Twickenham Drive.

Neighbours were in favour of closing the walkway between 36 and 38 Twickenham Drive as a way to decrease anti-social behaviour. The walkway land will be sold.

Council staff have also recommended  a review of the other walkways to further reduce anti-social behaviour.