Orana Mid-Western Police looking for 14 wanted people |Photos

Orana Mid-Western Police District has updated its most wanted list.

The police have released the names and photos of 14 people in the region who are wanted on warrants.

The wanted individuals are: Joshua Stewart, Jason Dickinson, Darren Robins, Daniel Bugmy, Shontell Whalan, Nicole Edwards, Andrew Dillon, Paul Coffey and Dylan Linnett from Dubbo.

Benjamin Manning from Wellington is on the list, as are Nathan Weatherall and Nuala Boney from Coonamble, Jason Pampling from Gular and Daniel Norris from Kandos.

They can all be arrested on sight by a police officer, Orana Mid-Western Police District said on Facebook.

“They need to be off our streets and before the court,” the post said.

Anyone with information related to the individuals is urged to call Dubbo Police Station on 6883 1599 or Crime Stopopers on 1800 333 000.

Any information received will be treated with strict confidence and can be anonymous.