Our say: Let’s cheer on our competitors, win or lose

It’s incredible to see all of Dubbo’s stars already doing so well at the Eisteddfod.

We’re less than a week in to the annual City of Dubbo Eisteddfod and already Dubbo is seeing some incredible talent.

On Sunday morning, Urban Edge Dance Studios won first place in the hip hop and urban open, as well as the world dance section. Orana Dance Section was awarded first place in the 14 years and under contemporary and the contemporary open was taken out by Dubbo Ballet Studio. All are Dubbo studios –how amazing is that?

It’s fantastic to see Dubbo shining.

These performers spend months, sometimes even years working to get their dance just right. And all of it comes down to just a few minutes on the sage and the opinion of one adjudicator.

Sometimes it’s a fantastic performance with pointed toes, perfect leaps and everyone in unison, but sometimes it’s not. 

There can only be one winner.

But win or lose, the most important part of the eisteddfod is seeing the competitors cheer each other on.

It’s incredibly hard to perform on the stage with everyone's eyes – and in the case of all the other sections, ears – pointed your way. 

To stand on the stage is worthy of a great round of applause.

From the violinists to those who recite a poem, it’s fantastic to see so many people putting their nerves aside to entertain us and receive feedback from some of the best in the business.

The Eisteddfod is a great way to showcase the talent of some of our young, and not so young, stars.

It also draws people from all across the state to our city. There were dancing studios from Orange, Bathurst and Forbes who came to Dubbo at the weekend.

There’s also a school group coming from Sydney to perform in the band section this year. They’re not only showcasing their talents, but using the visit as a school excursion and adding trips to local landmarks like to zoo. What a great idea.

This is what the eisteddfod should be about.

It’s not about creating rivalries.

The best thing to see at the eisteddfod would be for each performer to be cheering on their competition. Wishing them a genuine ‘good luck’ before they go on, clapping when they finish, and, as any High School Musical fan knows, realising we’re all in this together.