OUR SAY: Thanks for digging deep for the Salvos … again

WELL SUPPORTED: Early indications are that Dubbo residents once again supported the annual Red Shield Appeal.
WELL SUPPORTED: Early indications are that Dubbo residents once again supported the annual Red Shield Appeal.

AS more and more families struggle to make ends meet in Dubbo and across the nation, the work of not-for-profit organisations has never been more important.

In general terms, our country has never been richer, and almost right across the board our standard of living continues to improve. But these gains and opportunities have not been distributed fairly in our community.

Statistics show that in a typical week in Australia, The Salvation Army provides 100,000 meals for those in need, 2000 beds for the homeless, distribute up to 8000 grocery vouchers and provide refuge for 500 people fleeing abuse.

The Salvation Army said increases in the cost of living were leading to more people going without medication, skipping meals and adequate winter heating because they are caught in the cycle of poverty.

And while the Salvation Army is doing all it can to help our residents, their front-line services are always under pressure. It goes without saying that with the amount of meals and beds they supply, it takes a lot of financial support to keep it going.

For this reason, it was heartening to see and hear of so many Dubbo residents opening their doors – then their wallets and purses – over the three days of the Red Shield Appeal.

With millions of Australians living on the margins – and plenty of them in and on our city’s streets – the work of the Salvos is vital.

Dubbo has a proud history of supporting the annual door-knocking cause, consistently giving money to the cause year after year.

Every little bit given at the weekend helps. Even if it was just a few dollars.

Just $28 helps children at risk of homelessness participate in an after-school program, $60 provides a food hamper so that a struggling family doesn’t have to go hungry, and $79 provides one day of support for a family to find a home.

Praise should also be given to the volunteers.

All the people who took the time out of their weekend to help the Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal deserve a great round of applause. They’re part of the reason the Salvos can continue to help those struggling in our community.

With the slogan ‘Hope where it’s needed most’ the Red Shield Appeal deserved our support. Thank God for the Salvos indeed ...