Royal wedding had something for everyone

Former American actress Meghan Markle lived a true fairytale on Saturday.

She wore a decades-old tiara, was driven to a castle, married her prince and then was whisked away in a horse and carriage.

The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, had something for everyone.

It wasn’t just the usual wedding of a royal family member to a British aristocrat – it was a much more relatable love story that culminated in a not-so-traditional wedding for Windsor Castle.

It had all the elements of the royal wedding but it definitely had the flair of the modern and innovative couple.

For starters, it was great people watching. 

From the Clooneys, to the Beckhams to Oprah, Serena Williams and most of the cast of Suits, the flow of Hollywood celebrities was more like the red carpet at an awards night.

Then came the bride’s anticipated exit from the car, the first look at her elegant dress, her poised walk down the aisle, Harry telling his bride “you look amazing” and the way they stole glances at each other. 

He’s British royalty and she’s the darling American with an interest in helping others, both famous and revered in their own rights.

But on Saturday, about 20 million people got to see that they really are just a normal couple in love.

It was truly a day to celebrate love, just ask Reverend Bishop Michael Curry from Chicago who delivered the sermon.

The ceremony respected the traditions of the Church of England but had a definite nod to Meghan’s heritage too.

Even for the reception, Meghan changed into stunning Stella McCartney gown, the likes of which is not usually seen at a royal reception, but was seen wearing a wedding present from her husband, a ring from Princess Diana’s collection. 

It’s clear Meghan respects the traditions of the royal family but is also adamant to bring some of her own flair to proceedings. It is just one way this breath of fresh air has shaken up the royal family.

Those lamenting her retirement from acting need not worry. We may no longer see her on our small screens but her new position will no doubt give her a larger platform to continue her humanitarian work.

This particular royal wedding message sent a lot of messages about unity, love, acceptance and new beginnings.