De Been students star at seminar to earn new coloured belts

A visit from Australia’s youngest Black Belt national champion has given coaches and students at Dubbo’s de Been Jiu Jitsu academy a major boost.

Max de Been travelled from Victoria to put the local students through a full day seminar and grading.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art and combat sport system that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting. de Been became Australia’s youngest Black Belt National Champion at the AFBJJ Nationals in 2017.

“After visiting de Been Jiu Jitsu Dubbo last weekend I was very impressed with our NSW academy and how far they have come,” de Been said. “They are a great group of individuals who don’t leave anything on the mat.

“They are a very astute group who focus on the details of learning and then translate that into hard training to refine what they learn. Everything I taught was well-drilled and practiced. Overall, I think this group has great potential in all their jiu-jitsu endeavours.”

At the end of the day a number of students gained their Blue Belts, the first major belt in BJJ.

Coaches Anthony O’Leary, Alyssa O’Leary and Josh Parkinson had trained for a number of years and were very excited to receive their Blue Belts off de Been.

Other de Been Dubbo students to gain a Blue Belt rank were Damon Hall, George Sayers and Reece Cherry.

Four de Been Dubbo juniors rolled with the adults and got their first coloured belt, a BJJ Yellow Belt.

Bryce Abel, Tori Kearns, Kassie Kearns and Nik Rusling impressed with O’Leary describing their performance as a credit to their training.