Former A-League stars Adam Kwasnik and Brad Porter help inspire Dubbo players and coaches

He may have passed on valuable advice to a whole host of juniors at Dubbo this week, but former leading A-League striker Adam Kwasnik felt a session with coaches could have the most benefit.

Kwasnik, along with fellow former Central Coast Mariners Brad Porter, was in Dubbo on Monday and Tuesday to run a SASS Strikers school holiday clinic.

More than 50 juniors were in action on both days while Monday night also saw Kwasnik and Porter run a ‘coach the coaches’ session with Dubbo junior mentors.

“We helped to give those respective coaches ideas for when they go back to their own clubs,” Kwasnik said.

“It’s massive. If we’re coaching the coaches and they take anything from what we did and give it to the kids on a regular basis then those kids are going to win and that was a real positive thing.

“It was a great turnout too, I think we had close to 20 coaches there and for the kids, they don’t get many things like this out this way and I’ve said to (SASS’) Shane Fee the more we can do this, even if its twice or three times a year, the better off the kids will be in the long run.”

The clinics offered something for juniors of all levels with some in attendance playing their first season of football while there were also others who more advanced who were having polish added by the elite coaches.

But no matter their level, it was clear the juniors were loving it and the coaches were forced to make some sit down rather than continue playing during the rest breaks between drills.

It wasn’t the first time Kwasnik has been to Dubbo as he ventured west in the past when he was part of the Central Coast Mariners coaching academy.

He may have departed that role now and is instead involved with specialised football school but he kept in touch with SASS’ Shane and Jo Fee and was able to organise another clinic.

“We put something together to help the kids and its been received really well,” Kwasnik said.

“They’ve earned a lot and moving forward we want to be able to come out here on a regular basis and keep giving back.”

While delighted with the turnout, Kwasnik was adamant more could be done from those in the local association right through to Football NSW to ensure juniors in country areas get every chance possible to develop and achieve.

This week’s visit was organised purely with the SASS club without any outside help and while it was incredibly pleasing for the likes of the Fees and Kwasnik to have the clinic up and running, the latter was hopeful of more sessions going forward.

“There can be plenty done,” Kwasnik said.

“Thew more people involved in promoting stuff like this and the more kids who come through, they’re the ones who benefit from this and there could be more people involved.

“This is a great starting but hopefully moving forward other clubs and the association can build into it as well.”