Trucking company cops fine in court

A Victorian transport company has been fined $1000 in Dubbo Local Court after its load breached dimension requirements.

The general manager of Punjab Roadtrains Pty Ltd, Gary Edmiston, flew from Melbourne to Dubbo to answer the charge last Wednesday.

The matter stemmed from an inspection at Brocklehurst at 7.30am on January 5 of this year, when a truck on its way to Crestmead from Dandenong was pulled over and the load dimension found to exceed the threshold.

Mr Edmiston told the court his company supplied trailers which were then loaded by customers, and while they didn’t see the load that in this case had shifted during the journey, a plea of guilty was entered.

He added that as soon as the breach was picked up, the vehicle returned to Dubbo, was stripped and loaded properly.

Magistrate Gary Wilson told the court that in light of recent incidents involving heavy vehicles, that load issues were significant.

The company was fined the sum of $1000 and ordered to pay costs of $385.