Sons of Obiwan stage Youth Week workshops in Central West

Young Star Wars fans across the region will have the chance to practice their Jedi skills with light sabres in Forbes on Saturday.

A Central Coast sabre academy,  the Sons of Obiwan, is running workshops at the town’s Youth and Community Centre as part of the Forbes Youth Action Team’s Star Wars Day.

Star Wars Day is part of the town’s Youth Week celebrations.

Luke Boyton, of the Sons of Obiwan, says his team is looking forward to teaching kids some of their tricks.

“It’s theatre combat,” he explains.

“We’ll teach them spins, basically help them get their Jedi on. It’s good fun.” 

The workshops are for people aged over 10, but there are Star Wars movie screenings and craft activities for younger fans.

Youth Action Team members can’t wait for the day.

In Dubbo, Youth Week 2018 has a big line-up of events including a Cinema Under the Stars to be held in both the city and Wellington.

The range of activities will mean there is something for all ages.

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