All the photos, results and reports from the weekend's semi-final action in Dubbo

Did you miss any of the semi-final action on the weekend?

Firstly, how? It’s the best time of the year for cricket fans.

Secondly, fear not because everything you need to know is right here, along with a massive amount of photos from each of the semi-finals.

Each of the grand finals are now set, with those deciders being played out next weekend.


RSL-WHITNEY CUP: South Dubbo 220 def Macquarie 182

Grand final: Rugby v South Dubbo

RSL-PINNINGTON CUP: RSL-Colts 6/120 def South Dubbo 119

Grand final: CYMS v RSL-Colts

RSL-KELLY CUP: Newtown White 149 def RSL-Colts Red 115

Grand final: Newtown Black v Newtown White

RSL-DAWSON CUP: Rugby Blue 5/180 def Macquarie White 117

Grand final: Rugby Red v Rugby Blue