Planet Ark encourages Dubbo consumers to cut down on single-use plastics

An environmental foundation is encouraging Dubbo consumers to cut down on the single-use plastics they use.

Planet Ark is on a mission to promote the benefits of more sustainable options.

In recent times there’s been growing interest in the Dubbo community in reducing waste going to landfill.

A rising number of cafe patrons had taken up reusable cups, businesses reported last year.

Recently Dubbo’s Old Bank Restaurant and Bar switched to biodegradable straws and licensee Ryan Mackintosh challenged other members of the hospitality industry to follow suit.

The switch met with a positive reaction from Daily Liberal readers on social media.

Planet Ark is telling consumers they can make a difference as individuals.

"Plastic straws aren't necessary for most people, and it's easy for consumers to buy reusable straws for only a few dollars,” Planet Ark recycling programs manager Ryan Collins said.

“Businesses that still want to offer straws can also make a difference by only giving straws to customers who ask for them and switching to paper straws.

“Planet Ark encourages any business or consumer that wants to cut down on single use plastic waste such as straws and cutlery to switch to reusable options, and find out more about what and where to recycle on"

Tips from Planet Ark staff

  1. Take a reusable KeepCup whenever you buy a takeaway coffee. 
  2. Bring lunch from home in Tupperware containers as often as possible and avoid buying takeaway served in plastic packaging and cutlery. 
  3. Beeswax wraps can be used instead of cling wrap.
  4. Start a worm farm at home and fruit and vegetable scraps can be used as food for them. The worm wee can be used to fertilise plants.
  5. Take a backpack or reusable bags to the shops to avoid single-use plastic bags. 
  6. To reduce food wastage, opt to go to shops multiple times through the week, only buying what’s needed for the next day or two. 
  7. Any used tea leaves and coffee grounds can be used to feed plants. 
  8. Stuck without lunch at work and need to buy takeaway? BYO plate so that you can take the meal back to work without any packaging. Or better yet, eat in.
  9. Save vegetable off-cuts and put them in the freezer along with cooked chicken carcasses. When it suits, boil everything up and make a delicious, nutrient dense homemade stock.
  10. Collect any soft plastics separately and then take it to the RedCycle bins located at Coles.