Car on fire at Dubbo, driver ejects himself

The fire that broke out in a Dubbo man’s car on Sunday took hold so quickly that he had to jump from the moving vehicle, police say.

The driver sustained burns in the incident along Cobbora Road.

The vehicle was totally engulfed and destroyed.

Inspector Dan Skelly from Orana Mid-Western Police District said it was believed it was a fault in the engine bay and there were no suspicious circumstances.

While vehicles catching alight was “not unheard of”, the incident’s circumstances were somewhat astonishing.

“The fire catches hold so quickly that the driver hasn’t time to stop the car, he jumps from the car, the car continues 50 metres, driverless… that’s why it’s so remarkable,” Inspector Skelly said.

The man was taken to Dubbo Hospital with burns to his face and hands and then airlifted to a Sydney hospital.