Choice releases 2017 Christmas supermarket price survey

Shopping trolley. File photo.
Shopping trolley. File photo.

Consumer group Choice is telling Dubbo shoppers there’s big savings to be made on Christmas groceries if they shop around.

Choice has released the findings of its 2017 Christmas supermarket price survey, which looks at the price of a basket of 22 items at Coles, Woolworths and Aldi.

All three supermarket chains have stores at Dubbo.

“While many people like to splash out at Christmas, doing a little research before you fork out for your festive feast can save you at the checkout,” Choice head of media Tom Godfrey said.

“From smoked salmon to tinsel, taking your time to compare prices at the big three retailers can really pay off.”

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Choice’s savvy shoppers found a basket of Christmas grocery essentials at Aldi ($177.50) cost 20 per cent less than a basket of equivalent products at Woolworths ($217.05) and 12 per cent less than one at Coles ($200.25).

“There is also money to be saved if you keep an eye out for the specials,” Mr Godfrey said.

“On the day of our shop, CHOICE saved more than $15 at Coles ($184.55) when promotions were included while $10 was saved at Woolworths ($207.05).”

The Christmas number crunch comes after consecutive Choice Consumer Pulse surveys found food and grocery prices remain one of the top cost of living concerns with the most recent survey finding 73 per cent of Australians were feeling the squeeze at the checkout.

“With family finances often stretched at this time of year, knowing how to get your gifts wrapped and turn a feast for less will be an early Christmas present for those trying to make ends meet,” Mr Godfrey said.

“It’s also worth keeping an eye out for last-minute specials as we get closer to Christmas as the big supermarkets try to entice you in-store.”

Competition for the grocery dollar heated up at Dubbo with the opening of Aldi in 2014.