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Meet and Greet – Sumatran Tigers

There are three Sumatran Tigers that call Taronga Western Plains Zoo home – two males, Satu and Sakti, and a female, Indah.

Caring for these incredible creatures plays a very important role in Taronga’s international conservation efforts to protect the Sumatran Tiger, a Critically Endangered species.

Tigers are solitary animals, and apart from mating season, live private lives.

The stripes of the Sumatran Tiger are much closer together than in other Tiger species, which helps them to camouflage.

They have large strong front paws with five toes and sharp claws which can be pulled inside while they walk, which helps to keep them sharp.


Satu turned 11 on 28 October.

His sometimes grumpy demeanour changes dramatically with nutmeg – a spice he adores and loves to roll in and lick during enrichment activities!

Satu tends to prefer female Keepers and at 104 kilograms he is the smaller of the two male Tigers at the Zoo.


Sakti is a six-year-old male, and is easily identifiable thanks to the white patch of fur on his back.

He also has a very pronounced ruff (the fur around a Tiger’s neck).

He’s a cousin of Satu, and at 120 kilograms is the heaviest of the Tigers here.


Indah is a ten year-old female and is the most personable of the Sumatran Tigers in our care.

She is affectionate with all of her Keepers and often ‘chuffs’ at them – a way to express greeting or excitement.

If you’re visiting the Zoo, make sure check out the daily Tiger Talk at 12.10pm to learn about the plight of this species in the wild.

For Sumatran Tigers, for the next ten years

Taronga is committed to saving the Sumatran Tiger by supporting Wildlife Protection Units in Sumatra to create a safe and secure wild home.

The unites works with local communities to improve sustainable living practices and engage them in tiger conservation; and maintaining an insurance population of Sumatran Tigers through participation in the global breeding program.

Taronga is also working in partnership with TRAFFIC to combat illegal wildlife trade through our Wildlife Witness app and by funding a Wildlife Crime Analyst in TRAFFIC’s office.

Special Treat

Get your heart racing with an up close encounter with a Sumatran Tiger. 

Big Cat Encounter participants can feed this magnificent creature while learning about the species and their plight in the wild.  

Big Cat Encounters cost $59 per person in addition to Zoo admission and lasts for about 20 minutes.

Contact us for booking, payment and enquiries. Children under seven years are not permitted on Tiger Encounter and an adult must accompany all children under the age of 15 years.

Available daily throughout the year except Christmas Day and Boxing Day. 

Booking are essential as places are limited for this experience. Contact 02 6881 1425 to book.