Remembrance Day ceremony gives cadets opportunity

A new generation from Dubbo has played its part in remembering all the Australians killed in war and armed conflicts.

Air force and army cadets stood to attention at the city’s Remembrance Day ceremony on Saturday.

Australian Air Force Cadets Leading Cadet Patrick Smith, 16, welcomed the opportunity to don his uniform and take part.

“You get to come here with the community and see how it all works and all the returned serviceman and you get to do your part for the country,” he said.

“It’s just nice to see all the returned service people and how much this means to them and how much it means to us, the meaning behind it and the patriotism.”

The air force and army cadets received praise during the ceremony from David Hunt, who was speaking on behalf of the Dubbo RSL Sub-Branch.

“… if I needed any more proof, you’ve just got to look at the cadets who are here now, what they do and what they stand for here,” he said.