WALK DOWN MEMORY LANE: November 2007 – Part 3 | Photos

Feeling nostalgic? How about a look back at what was happening in November 2007. 

For some, it feels like yesterday, for others, 10 years feels like a long time ago – but the big question is, do you remember what you were doing? Did you or a friend or family member appear in the Daily Liberal way back then? See anyone you recognise?

This week we have photos of new arrivals Wilhelmina Evelyn Shirley May Foster, Melanie Claire White, Finnlay Joseph Munge, Chloe Lee Green, Caitlin Anne Scott, Jayden Jontae Richey and Joleena Jameilia Richey.

There are also a few sporting winners and grinners in our gallery this week – the cricket season was well and truly underway for juniors and seniors alike, and of course there was plenty of action on the race track.

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