2017 Remembrance Day: Dubbo's Steven Ellis urges support for soldiers

Former soldier Steven Ellis at the Remembrance Day ceremony at Dubbo. Photo: PAIGE WILLIAMS.
Former soldier Steven Ellis at the Remembrance Day ceremony at Dubbo. Photo: PAIGE WILLIAMS.

Service to the nation is something Steven Ellis knows about first-hand.

As he grew up in Dubbo he learnt the stories of family members who had played their part in defending Australia.

He spent more than a decade in the army, and in his first year out of the defence force, it was important to him to come to the Remembrance Day ceremony.

“It’s just to get everyone who has come back to remember all their mates that have fought and have lost their lives,” he said with emotion.

“It’s just about remembering them.”

He had family members who enlisted in World War I and both his grandfathers served in the military.

“It’s pretty much the only thing I ever wanted to do,” he said.

His five-year-old daughter, Harley, and mother Sally Ellis watched proudly as he marched in the parade with other veterans.

The former lance bombardier urged the broader community to remember the sacrifices made, in the past and to this day.

“Obviously being a soldier is not everyone’s cup of tea, war is not everyone’s cup of tea, but people just need to support the soldiers that go into conflicts,” he said.

“They don’t have to support the politicians, or anything like that, it’s the soldiers that go over there, female and male, that do this.”

He hoped to see a big Remembrance Day turnout in 2018, the centenary of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I.

“It would be appreciated if everyone could come out and support and remember the people that went before them, the people who are serving now, and hopefully give support to the people who need it,” he said.

Mr Ellis felt a bond with others who served.

“We’re all there for each other,” he said.

He encouraged other former soldiers to seek out their local RSL.

“These guys (in the Dubbo sub-branch) have helped me out quite a bit,” he said.