Mayor, member for Dubbo agree work needs to be done to dated facility

Troy Grant and Ben Shields have had well-documented battles in recent times, but one thing both men agree on is the need for work to be done on the No.1 Oval grandstand.

The men have butted heads on multiple topics, but in recent times have vowed publicly to try and work together.

As part of the announcement made by the Member for Dubbo regarding an upgrade to the ground was a proposal for remedial work to be done to its main sitting area.

And it is something the new Dubbo mayor believes needs to happen.

“I don’t think anyone could deny that the grandstand there at No.1 Oval is in a terrible condition,” Mr Shields said.

“I’m not going to pre-empt what may or may not happen with the actual ground and playing area itself but there’s little doubt the grandstand needs to undergo a massive refurbishment.

“The underneath area especially isn’t very pleasant so hopefully, regardless of what ends up coming of the overall proposal, we can look at a way of fixing that area up.”