Matter of State | Children are our future

In the Spirit: Just a reminder to all our primary school kids out there that my annual Christmas card competition is on again this year.
In the Spirit: Just a reminder to all our primary school kids out there that my annual Christmas card competition is on again this year.

Children are our future and as a local MP and a father I welcome any funding or assistance given to our schools and students.

Our schools are important community assets, and we are committed to providing funds to support students in both government and non-government schools


Non-government schools in the Dubbo electorate have received $188,953 in additional funding to put into resources where they are most needed.

The NSW Government’s additionality funding is provided to non-government schools on a needs basis to provide resources such as teacher’s aides to support students with disability, teacher training or literacy and numeracy intervention programs.

Schools know best where to direct these funds, and we’re pleased to provide this funding for a range of programs and resources to best support local students.

This tranche of payments is the second of two for 2017, the first being delivered in the first half of the year. The total allocation this year has been $348,804.


Every child in our community deserves a safe, loving and secure home for life with National Adoption Awareness Week (November 12- 18) promoting the benefits of permanency for all children.

All children deserve a safe home for life and where a child cannot remain safely with their birth family, kin, or guardian, open adoption is the next option to be considered.

Our first priority is to always work with families to keep them together, but in cases where this is not possible, we must ensure more children are given permanency as quickly as possible.

For anyone considering adoption, starting with fostering a child in out-of-home care could be a positive pathway. We want all children in NSW to enjoy the benefits of a secure home.

This year the NSW Government introduced a number of reforms to streamline adoption and make adopting children in out-of-home-care easier including $24 million over four years invested into the Adoptions Transformation Program, which includes a Taskforce of caseworkers and paralegals dedicated to reducing the number of outstanding adoption applications.

A record number of out-of-home-care adoptions took place in 2016/17 with 129 orders finalised before the NSW Supreme Court.

National Adoption Awareness Week is a wonderful opportunity to increase understanding about the open adoption process in our local community.

The NSW Government is committed to supporting families looking to adopt with information on adoption available on the FACS website.


Just a reminder to all our primary school kids out there that my annual Christmas card completion is on again this year.

The theme this year is ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Entry is open to all Primary School students who reside in the Mid-Western Regional, Dubbo Regional and Narromine Shire areas.

All entries must be A4 in size and be able to be reproduced, no cotton, glitter or anything stuck to the page. Entries must not be folded and the artist’s name, age and school should be clearly marked on the back of each entry.

Entries must be received no later than 5pm Thursday, November 30.

Entries should be sent or delivered to: Troy Grant MP, Member for Dubbo. 18 Talbragar Street, (Po Box 1327) Dubbo NSW 2830. For more information get your teacher or a parent to contact my office on 6882 3577.

Until next week, Troy