Grant chimes in ahead of mayoral ballot

Member for Dubbo Troy Grant.
Member for Dubbo Troy Grant.

Member for Dubbo Troy Grant has lit the fuse for Thursday’s Dubbo Regional Council mayoral election, on the same day the 10 new councillors were sworn in.

In a press release distrbuted on Monday evening, Grant congratulated the inaugural Dubbo Regional councillors on their election, before warning them to consider what they want from their inaugural leader.

“The Oaths and Affirmations taken today clearly outline the sworn or affirmed expectations ratepayers have of their councillors to always act in representing their best interests,” Mr Grant said.

“The clear commitment that ‘I will faithfully and impartially carry out’ their functions and roles, is the key component of their pledge today and with the councillors to determine the Mayor in a sitting on Thursday the ‘best interest’ of the community will be the first and potentially most important decision they will take.”

The release then goes on to say ‘with the lack of candidates declaring their interest in taking on the Mayoral role, Mr Grant is concerned that councillors will be pressured into supporting a candidate to ‘keep the peace’ or minimise the ‘disruption a councillor’ may cause the new team by giving them a role’.

‘To reward bad behaviour or intent would be a total disaster and certainly not in the community’s best interest in my view,” he said.

“I understand that a number of candidates have been approached to stand but are reluctant to do so due to work commitments or being new on council as an inhibiter.

“It is vital that the crucial role in the new council of Mayor or Deputy Mayor is held by someone with the necessary characteristics and attributes of maturity, selflessness and leadership ability to bring a team together.

“Their role is to develop or foster vital relationships with stakeholders in the State and Federal government and across the business and communities of both Dubbo and Wellington with strong communication skills.’

“The new Council has a strong platform to begin with over $40 million of direct State Government invested projects in development. Delivering these projects in the immediate future and the work of bringing everyone together is the priority.  I’m confident that a Mayoral candidate with this ability exists within the cohort, a divisive individual chosen for all the wrong reasons will only be a credible threat to the prosperity of our region.”