New iPhone 8 launched

ON SALE: Mathew Dickerson with some of the iPhone 8s which hit the market on Friday. Photo: BEN WALKER
ON SALE: Mathew Dickerson with some of the iPhone 8s which hit the market on Friday. Photo: BEN WALKER

When you think of iPhone launches you think of people lining up for days and queueing for the newest piece of technology on the market.

That wasn’t quite the case on Friday when Apple launched its iPhone 8.

On a rare day for the technology industry, the launch of the iPhone 8 and its plus-sized sibling was countered with the launch of the Apple Watch Series 3, and Samsung’s Note 8.

Dubbo technology expert Mathew Dickerson said the launch was also quieter than usual due to Apple’s impending release of the iPhone X in November.

“We had four new products on the market today, which is very unusual. Apple has the iPhone 8 launch, that’s two models including the 8 Plus.

“They also have the  Apple Watch Series 3, which is the first watch in the world that allows you to have the same phone number with the watch and phone without the phone being present, which is a huge breakthrough.

“And Samsung has its Note 8, which is big because the Note 7 was a disaster for the company and cost them huge amounts of money and their reputation.

“You normally expect in September there will be a major event where they announce major products. That happened again this year but they announced three new phones, with the iPhone X to launch on November 3.

“That has taken a little of the hype out of this launch because people always want the next big thing and that is the iPhone X, which will have more features.”

With a slightly improved camera, wireless charging and augmented reality some of the new features available, Mr Dickerson said the iPhone 8 was a slight improvement on the iPhone 7.

But he said there will be big noise when the iPhone X hits the shelves.

”I think Apple would have liked to have them all ready to go on the same day but perhaps they didn’t have the X ready to go in the volume they might need.

“Looking historically at iPhone sales, on the first weekend we’re talking 10-12 million, and across the world they’re selling about 50 per second, so they need big stockpiles.

“When the iPhone X is launched there will still be a place for the 8 and people will buy it.

“For the X people will be paying an upfront cost of almost $1900 so from a price point we’ll be selling both because people have different price ranges.”