Lobby group meets NBN on regional connectivity issues

The lobby group fighting for better phone and data connectivity in regional, rural and remote Australia has met NBN leaders on broadband access.

The Regional, Rural and Remote Communications Coalition (RRRCC) on Tuesday met members of the National Broadband Network (nbn) executive team, including chief executive Bill Morrow, to discuss ways of improving broadband access in rural, regional and remote Australia.

The meeting was instigated by nbn following almost 12 months of extensive activity by the RRRCC to raise awareness of the challenges consumers in rural, regional and remote areas continue to face.

“We appreciate nbn inviting the Coalition to discuss ongoing issues firsthand,” AgForce representative, Georgie Somerset said.

“It is certainly valuable that Bill Morrow and his senior team have taken the time to again meet with us directly and discuss the issues we have.”

"As a coalition we continue to be frustrated about the untapped economic potential of having poor regional telecommunications and broadband services.”

“The RRRCC has been working tirelessly since its inception to bring our concerns to key stakeholders including politicians, the Australian Government, major telecommunications companies and nbn,” Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) chief executive Teresa Corbin said.

“Some of the issues we have raised today include addressing the reliability of Sky Muster services, ensuring greater transparency for consumers and ensuring clearer communications to minimise confusion for Sky Muster customers.

“We are grateful to Bill Morrow and his executive team for taking the time to meet the coalition.

"We understand that many of these issues and concerns cannot be addressed overnight, however, we believe there are solutions to many of the issues our members face and we have agreed to work to resolving these constructively.”

The RRRCC has around 20 member organisations, which include associations representing consumers, farmers and health professionals.