New Dubbo councillors for extensive training on local government

The Dubbo Regional Council (DRC) Administrator, Michael Kneipp, has welcomed the 10 councillors elected last Saturday.

The NSW Electoral Commission officially declared election results on Friday.

Mr Kneipp, whose role as Administrator ends with the arrival of the new council, outlined the processes councillors would be following through September.

“I would like to congratulate those who were elected and to wish them the best as they take on these important roles serving the DRC area,” Mr Kneipp said on Friday.

“Now that the results of the election have officially been declared the new councillors will undertake a number of meetings and training to help them fulfil their new position.”

“Before they can participate in council meetings all councillors must take an Oath/Affirmation of Office. This will be done during a ceremony at DRC, Dubbo Building on September 25.”

“This oath/affirmation is a new requirement for councillors that was added to the Local Government Act in 2016.”

“On September 28 there will then be a meeting held to elect the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and the formation of the standing committees and other committees and working parties.”

“There will also be an extensive training program made available to all councillors to provide them with the knowledge and skills to perform competently in the role of a councillor as an individual, as well as being part of a team of councillors.”

“This will include workshops with council’s senior staff, code of conduct and meeting procedures training and training provided by the Sydney University of Technology’s Centre for Local Government. The first committees and ordinary meetings of the new council will be held in October.”