Zoo Chat | Spring into a jam-packed agenda this holiday

SPRING CLEANING: One of Taronga western Plains Zoo's hippos getting a hose down for the kids. Photo: CONTRIBUTED
SPRING CLEANING: One of Taronga western Plains Zoo's hippos getting a hose down for the kids. Photo: CONTRIBUTED

There’s a jam-packed agenda for Zoo Adventures at Taronga Western Plains Zoo these spring holidays.

It’s a fun and educational holiday program that’s sure to engage and inspire kids between the ages of five and 12 to ‘live for the wild’.

From learning about the amazing athletes of the animal kingdom, to greeting the zoo’s slimier inhabitants, there’s a whole host of fantastic sessions being held during the school holiday period from September 26 through to October 6.

Young Adventurers will be taken on an exciting zoo journey to learn about all kinds of animals and the environments they live in, surrounded by the incredible sights and sounds of the zoo.

Each day includes interactive animal encounters, where Adventurers can meet some of our favourite animals up close!

There’s a ‘Meet a Keeper’ experience, interactive playground and exploration activity, daily missions and of course the fun loving zoo staff to top it all off.

It’s a great chance for children to connect with wildlife and learn about how we can help create a shared planet where animals and humans can live together.

For bookings, visit taronga.org.au/zooadventures or phone 6881 1433.


Program - Week 1

  • Tuesday September 26 - Amazing Animal Athletes
  • Wednesday September 27 - Kids for the Wild!
  • Thursday September 28 - Slimy & Scaly
  • Friday September 29 - Marvellous Mammals

Program - Week 2

  • Tuesday October 3 - Slimy & Scaly
  • Wednesday October 4 - Kids for the Wild!
  • Thursday October 5 - Marvellous Mammals
  • Friday October 6- Amazing Animal Athletes


Endangered gorilla gives birth:

Taronga Zoo in Sydney announced recently the welcome birth of a male western lowland gorilla. This birth brings the number of Taronga’s western lowland gorillas to seven. The newborn is an extremely valuable addition to world breeding programs the species is critically endangered, with the long-term survival of this species under serious threat due to habitat destruction and deforestation, poaching and disease outbreaks like Ebola.

Taronga Director and CEO Cameron Kerr said that individual Australians can take action to support gorillas. “There are three things we can do to help protect Western Lowland Gorilla’s: recycle your mobile phone as some of the components can only be sourced from mining in Central Africa; buy sustainably sourced timbers when buying furniture; and if you are offered illegal wildlife or illegal wildlife parts, report it on our Wildlife Witness App,” Mr Kerr said.

The best times are the feeding sessions at 10.45am, 12.30am and 2.30pm.