Vandalism costing thousands every year

More than $80,000 was spent by Dubbo Regional Council to fix vandalism in the last financial year.

It’s a higher figure than the previous two years, however it’s also the first time Wellington has been included with Dubbo’s figures.

Vandalism is classified by council as willful damage, such as breaking a window for fun, without the intent to commit a robbery.

In 2015/16 it cost ratepayers $66,000. In the year proceeding that it was $64,000.

Vandalism in Wellington during the 12 months added up to more than $19,000. In Dubbo alone it was down on from the cost of the previous two years at $61,000.

The largest proportion of the vandalism – more than $44,000 –  fell under the parks and landcare division. There was also more than $13,000 worth of damage in the technical services division.

Dubbo Regional Council manager community services John Watts said: “council offers a reward of up to $2500 for information leading to the conviction of anyone committing wilful damage, including graffiti, to or theft of council property.”.

“This includes any equipment, shrubs, trees and plants in parks and gardens, public recreation areas, streets and other public places in the Dubbo Regional Council area,” he said.

“This reward is an initiative of council and Police and is designed to give the public ownership of our community and promote a sense of pride in how Dubbo looks.”

The reward is given out when someone is spotting doing vandalism or graffiti to council property. The witness needs to notify the police and if there’s a conviction, council will pay $2500.

The highest graffiti cost in the last six years was in 2013/14 when it cost the city $102,000. It’s also the only year the reward has been claimed.