History of the the last pistol duel in Australia

People celebrating Wellington’s Bicentenary at the weekend packed into The Lion of Waterloo for a re-enactment of Australia’s last pistol duel in 1854.

The Lion of Waterloo was built in 1841 and licensed in 1842 and is the oldest tavern still operating west of the Blue Mountains, according to the Destination NSW website visitnsw.com.

The duel was between residents Dr Samuel Curtis and Magistrate B Sheridan near the tavern.

History says they got in a row in the pub over a woman described as “the Mystical Maiden of Montefiores”.

The two were intoxicated and went outside where they took up pistols and attempted to aim each other after pacing out the distance.

But, both pistols misfired.

The “gunmen” fell to the ground and then agreed to patch up their differences at the pub.

The tavern was once a passenger stop for the Cobb and Co* and has been described as Australia’s second oldest hotel. Today, it offers old world charm and meals without pistol exchanges.