Dubbo temperature to hit 27 degrees

Dubbo will reach a maximum of 27 degrees next week, far surpassing the expected temperatures for August.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast an unseasonably warm day across NSW during the middle of the week. Sydney and Newcastle could enjoy temperatures of up to 28 degrees on Wednesday, while Coffs Harbour could reach 30 degrees.

Our neighbours won’t miss out on the warmth either. Nyngan is expected to hit 30 degrees on Wednesday. Wellington won’t feel quite as much sun with an expected maximum of 26 degrees. Parkes however will be cooler, with a maximum of 23 degrees and showers on the books.

In Orange the warmest day for the week will be Tuesday where a maximum of 19 degrees is forecast – not quite the warmth expected in Dubbo – while Bathurst will reach 22.

However in Dubbo the warm spell won’t last for long. By Wednesday the maximum will be back down to 21 degrees, followed by 22 degrees on Thursday.

The morning chill will disappear after the weekend. While Saturday and Sunday are predicted to have a minimum of zero degrees, it’ll increase from there, reaching a minimum of eight degrees on Tuesday and nine the next day.

On Friday the minimum will dip back down to four degrees.

Dubbo’s 27 degree day is 10 degrees higher than the August average. The minimum temperatures are also higher than usual.

It’s also looking to be a dry week. The BOM has predicted less than a millimetre for Wednesday – the only day with any rain forecast.

During all of July only three millimetres fell on the city, far below the 43 millimetre average for July. The August average is 36 millimetres.