Dubbo Regional Council residents want live stream of council meetings | Poll

Image: panuwat phimpha / Shutterstock
Image: panuwat phimpha / Shutterstock

A Daily Liberal poll asking if residents believe council meetings should be lived streamed has drawn a large vote in the affirmative. 

Seventy-six per cent of respondents voted that they would like to see council meetings live streamed.

Over 100 people have taken part in the poll since it went live on Tuesday afternoon.

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The poll was taken after two of the candidates ahead of the Local Government Elections in September said they would push for live screening of council meetings on the council website

East ward candidate Dayne Gumley and Wellington candidate Jacob Perry were each campaigning for the change for differing reasons, but both wanted the same outcome. 

They said they wanted the council to become ultra-transparent and highly visible and by using the technology available all residents, no matter where they live, could view and listen to meetings, without worrying about where the meetings were held.