Get informed about organics bin urges Graham

Dubbo residents need to be informed about the Food and Garden Organics bin, according to Don Graham.

Mr Graham, a passionate advocate for conservation, addressed Dubbo Regional Council and the public at the July committee meetings.

People needed to know the facts and the figures, in particular, what would be lost if the proposal was knocked back, Mr Graham said.

“We’re going to pay more [for waste] in the future I feel because the state government are going to get the big stick out,” he said.

“Sydney is already paying $138 per tonne to bury waste. That’s an incentive to do something different. Work smarter not harder.”

Mr Graham said figures showed about 80,000 tonnes of green waste would be generated in the next ten years, and disposing of it would cost ratepayers almost $6 million if the organics processing plant did not go ahead.

“Our grandparents wouldn’t believe the situation we’ve gotten ourselves in to,” he said.

Council administrator Michael Kneipp gave the three-bins his stamp of approval at the meeting. The decision will be finalised next week.