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Dubbo will most likely have three bins introduced in 2018. Photo: FILE
Dubbo will most likely have three bins introduced in 2018. Photo: FILE

A three-bin system is most likely to be rolled out in Dubbo and Wellington mid-2018.

It would include a general waste bin collected fortnightly – with an option to be collected weekly – as well as a recycling bin which would be collected fortnightly and a Food and Garden Waste bin to be collected weekly.

But what goes in each bin?

Organics bin (light green lid)

*All food waste and scraps, including meat, bones, chicken, seafood and prawns, oyster and egg shells

*Tea bags and coffee grounds

*Fruit and vegetable scraps

*Dairy food (cheese and yoghurt)

*Cake, bread, rice and pasta

*Garden waste, including lawn clippings, prunings, leaves, twigs, small branches, flowers, weeds (not declared noxious) and palm fronds

*Untreated timber offcuts less than 25 milimetres thick

*Kitchen towel, serviettes, paper and newspaper

General waste bin (dark green)

*General waste

*Plastic bags

*Packets, wrappers, cling wrap and bubble wrap,

*Nappies and sanitary waste –  wrapped tightly and stored in well-sealed bags

*Pet waste and kitty litter

*Foam and polystyrene

*Light globes, mirrors, ceramics, cookware and drinking glasses

Recycling bin (yellow lid)

*Paper and cardboard, such as newspapers, magazines, milk and juice cartons, cardboard boxes and pizza boxes

*Plastic containers, including soft drink bottles, plastic milk bottles, yoghurt containers, ice cream containers, butter and margarine containers, takeaway food containers, as well as all other rigid plastic containers from the home

*Steel containers like food cans, aerosol cans, jar lids, coffee tins and pet food cans

*Aluminium containers, such as soft drink and beer cans, clean foil and aerosol cans

*Glass bottles and jars

What shouldn’t go in the bins

*Building materials


*Oil or paint, gas bottles, fluorescent bulbs or tubes, hazardous or chemical waste (all can be disposed of at the Whylandra Waste and Recycling Centre)

*Medical waste (a doctor or pharmacy should be consulted as to its correct disposal) 


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