Wellington jail leading the way: MP

Dubbo MP Troy Grant has said he is confident Wellington Correctional Centre has not been affected by the same problems with illegal contraband that have affected Parklea Correctional Centre.

Earlier this week a video was uploaded to YouTube by an inmate inside the walls of the Parklea facility who showed a knife and what he claimed to be the drug ice, and claimed they were smuggled in by prison guards.

Mr Grant, who is the Police Minister, said the issue of contraband in prisons was not new, and something Corrective Services worked hard to eradicate.

“Corrective Services invest a lot of money and strategies to try and curb different methodologies and different ways contraband has been introduced into jails and or illegal activity occurs,” Mr Grant said.

“Are they going to get it right all the time? No. Is it frustrating? Absolutely. Is it acceptable? No way. We'll continue to work hard to stamp out this sort of behaviour and work out how this contraband is getting in.

“We'll investigate the revelations at Parklea very seriously and I share the minister's disgust at the revelations that have come out of that facility.”

Mr Grant said it was challenging to stay ahead of criminals, who were constantly working to undermine the security at correctional facilities, but said it was the responsibility of Corrective Services and police to work together to stay a step ahead.

However he was pleased with Wellington Correctional Centre and said management and staff deserved praise for their efforts.

“I don't share the same concerns at Wellington as what has occurred at Parklea,” he said.

“Does it mean it doesn't happen? Does contraband get into there? I don't know specifically but I have absolute confidence in the staff and management at Wellington Correctional Centre in my electorate that they are doing a great job and no revelations from that facility have occurred.

“I congratulate them on whatever measures they are taking.

“If there are lessons that can be shared from one facility to another, I think they should be adopted and put into practise.”