Round 11 winners decided

KURT Eather, Simone Grounds, Gary Barber, Ray Wheeler and Jody Phillips were the winners of round 11 of the Dubbo City Toyota Road Racing Series, which was graded individual time trial on the Terrabella Road course.

The 12.2km circuit on the pancake flat Terrabella time trial course was made somewhat more difficult by a strong westerly head wind for the riders to the turnaround point, though fast times were recorded across all five grades.

Eather (17 minutes 11.168 seconds – average speed 42.59km/hour) scorched the circuit to take A-grade honors ahead of Magic Mike Ticehurst (+19.733 seconds), Dylan Eather (+1 minutes 5.265 seconds), Danny Barber (+1 minutes 14.730 seconds), Dave Gerrish (+1 minutes 33.405 seconds) and Jason Farr (+2 minutes 28.099 seconds).

Grounds (19 minutes 12.005 seconds – average speed 38.12km/hour) was too strong in B-grade to claim victory ahead of Brendon Davies (+3.093 seconds), Vaughn Eather (+18.813 seconds), Darrell Wheeler (+21.003 seconds), Craig May (+25.462 seconds), Kate Spicer (+1 minutes 25.931 seconds), Bill Williamson (+1 minutes 46.923 seconds) and Haylee Fuller (+1 minute 56.681 seconds).

The 12.2km circuit on the pancake flat Terrabella time trial course was made somewhat more difficult by a strong westerly head wind...

Time trial specialist Gary Barber (20 minutes 53.476 seconds – average speed 35.04km/hour) was the winner of the C grade time trial, with Chris Brook (+46.759 seconds) in second, Lachie Clark (+1 minutes 0.022 seconds) in third, Cat Fuller (+1 minutes 20.572 seconds) in fourth and Tom Mannix (+1 minutes 49.072 seconds) in fifth. Ray Wheeler was the resounding winner of the D grade time trial ahead of Tim Barnes (+24.768 seconds), Brodie Wheeler (+ 55.042 seconds), Sarah Gordon (+1 minute 5.122 seconds), Zara Fuller (+1 minute 7.267 seconds), Jennifer Raines (1 minute 36.900 seconds), Zac Fuller (+ 3 minutes 51.570 seconds) and Ann Clark (+4 minutes 12.907 seconds). Phillips (25 minutes 38.888 seconds – average speed 28.54km/hour) was the fastest E-grader and was 56.903 seconds ahead of Jason Canobie, whom finished in second.

Dubbo Cycle Club will be strongly represented this weekend across a number of events, including the NSW Junior Country Championships, Southern Cross Junior Open, Mt Arthur Challenge and round 12 of the Dubbo City Toyota Road Racing Series.

Danny Barber, Luke Ensor and Dylan and Kurt Eather will travel to Sydney for the NSW Junior Country Championships and Southern Cross Junior Open, while a large number of the club’s senior riders will tackle the 50km Limestone ride at the Mt Arthur Challenge at Wellington on Sunday.

Round 12 will take place on Saturday on the Mogriguy Road course with a 38km handicap event, while round 12 of the Junior Road Racing Series will be contested on Sunday on the Sheraton Road course.