Changes to how rates will be paid

People who use internet banking to pay their rates will be the most impacted.
People who use internet banking to pay their rates will be the most impacted.

Dubbo residents who use internet banking to pay their rates notice will need to make a few changes to how they pay the bill.

From July 1 there will be changes to Dubbo Regional Council’s rate account payment details, said director organisational services Craig Giffin.

“As a result of merging computer systems of the former Dubbo and Wellington councils, it is necessary to issue a new rate assessment number for each property,” Mr Giffin said.

“This also means changing Dubbo Regional Council’s payee details with BPAY and Australia Post and the reference number required when making a payment.”

Residents will be issued with their new property assessment number and updated payment details on the 2017/18 Rates Notice. However, those who wish to pay before the notice is received will need to make changes.

For payments made via council’s website

  • From 3 July 2017 you will require your new rate assessment number to pay your rates and charges online via Council’s website as your current rate assessment number will be rejected. The Valuation Number will remain the same as your current notice.
  • Payments via council’s website will not be possible between 5pm June 27 and midnight on July 2.

For payments made via BPAY

  • Council’s current BPAY Biller Codes for rate payments (BPAY codes 1982 and 171595) will be cancelled as at midnight June 30 and a new BPAY Biller Code (275438) will become effective on July 1.
  • Any previously scheduled periodical BPAY payments will be invalid from July 1 and  therefore you will need to set up a new periodical BPAY payment after July 1.
  • You will need to change BPAY details for Dubbo Regional Council stored in your internet banking payee details prior to making a payment after July 1.

For payments made by Australia Post

  • Council’s current Australia Post Billpay Codes for rate payments (Billpay code 0582 and 4210) will be cancelled at midnight June 30 and the new Billpay Code (2762) will become effective on July 3.
  • Rate and Instalment Notices issued prior to 1 July 2017 will be rejected if presented for payment at Australia Post.

Mr Giffen said council realised it would be a slight inconvenience and patience from the public was appreciated.

Anyone with questions should contact council’s customer service team on 6801 4000 or visit council’s website at