Chicken is consumers’ pick in top three meats

POULTRY AUCTION: Jessica Kleppe with a Silky at the recent annual poultry auction in Dubbo, which has become a premier event. Photo: BELINDA SOOLE
POULTRY AUCTION: Jessica Kleppe with a Silky at the recent annual poultry auction in Dubbo, which has become a premier event. Photo: BELINDA SOOLE

As a beef producer and a lover of beef in all its forms some figures released by ABARE late last year are cause for some concern and a certain degree of reflection is needed.

Beef has been pushed into third place in terms of kilos consumed in our domestic market.

According to the latest chart, chicken is way out in front with 45.3kg per head of population with pig meat at 27.9kg and beef at 27.7kg per head.

MLA thinks our changing population is a major contributor with increasing numbers of people from overseas rapidly changing the demographic mix.

Beef strategists need to continually remind consumers that not only is beef healthy and nutritional but also quick and convenient to prepare.

Pork and chicken are cheaper than beef at the moment and market research shows “price” is still the primary driver of fresh meat consumption.

The fifth Annual Dubbo Pure Bred Poultry Club Auction was held on May 6 at Dubbo Showground. This sale is a major fundraiser for the Westhaven Association and the Dubbo Poultry Club.

This concept has gone from strength to strength and must now surely be ranked as one of the premier poultry events on the national calendar.

An outstanding catalogue, probably the best ever, saw enties from Benalla, in Victoria, to Dalby, in Queensland, and virtually all points in between. Buyers were from everywhere with 164 registrations in a crowd estimated at over 300. Successful purchasers travelled incredible distances and came from as far afield as Perth, Port Lincoln and Dalby.

Mr and Mrs George Norman, from Benalla, topped the sale with a trio of large Black Australorps realising $950.00. Their second trio was not far behind at $925.00.

Three large Blue Orpington Pullets sold to local Dubbo schoolgirl Georgia Brown for $520.00. A trio of outstanding Gold Laced Wyandotte’s found a new home in Perth with first time attendee Jane Buchanan.

There are far too many people in the report to name but they know who did the work and the best thing about the sale is that people in the industry know who to thank.

Two who should be applauded are Angus Barlow and Bert Hewitt.  Bert as usual donated all proceeds from all his lots to Westhaven and helped Angus with sale organisation and selling.

Angus and Bert are the current auctioneers for the poultry sale at the Royal Easter Show and take it from me they have few peers in this side of our industry.

Angus and others no doubt worked the phones tirelessly before the sale, creating the interest that led to such an outstanding result.

Dubbo agents, after a strong beef showing the previous week, when 8500 cattle were sold in two days had a more relaxed day on May 11 than expected. Secondary cattle were well supplied and many lines are starting to show the effect of winter.