Five crashes in three months

More than $11,000 in damage has been recorded by Dubbo Regional Council vehicles following five accidents in the past three months.

Four light vehicles were involved in crashes between January and March and one plant item.

As council only pays the excess on the crashes when an insurance claim is lodged in total the cost to council was $3,944.

For the financial year to date there have been 14 light vehicle crashes, three less than the average for the same time period in previous years.

With only the single crash involving a plant vehicle the average for the year to date is also three less.

Of all the accidents, there have been seven drivers at fault, which is significantly lower than the average of 12.5.

The number of claims made against council’s insurer in the past nine months is five, which is 1.4 less than the average.

In a report to council, manager fleet management services Steven Colliver said it was considered the plan and vehicle operation was satisfactory to the end of the third quarter of the 2016/17 financial year.

“The continued monitoring of crash reports indicates if there are any unexpected or serious issues with the fleet crash experience. No such issues were indicated,” he said.

Fleet Management Services has established an indicator system that highlights drivers who have been involved in more than three ‘avoidable’ crashes during a two year period.

Last financial year there were 31 crashes- five more than the average and the highest number of incidents since 2012/13.

There was a total of $144,100 worth of damage for the year, however council was only out of pocket $27,165.

In a report to council, manager fleet management services Steven Colliver said: “It should be noted that $88,833 of the ($144,100) cost was attributed to two vehicles being written off, plant number 417 was involved in a fire and plant number 127 being hit by a third party”.

The cost of damage to council’s fleet in 2014/15 was significantly lower at $34,677.

The aim of the Quarterly Plant Report provided to council every three months is to provide a brief review of motor vehicle and play operation at quarterly intervals during the course of the financial year.