$60,000 vandalism bill| How should the money be spent?

The cost of vandalism to the community is set to surpass the previous two years, based on recent figures from Dubbo Regional Council.

For the first nine months of the financial year vandalism in Dubbo and Wellington has cost $60,451.

Due to the amalgamation it’s the first time Wellington has been included in the figures, which could account for why this year the cost looks to be higher than the previous two years.

In 2015/16 vandalism cost the community $66,099, while the year before it was $64,140.

Of the $60,000 in damage this financial year, $11,754 has been committed in Wellington.

Vandalism is classified by council as willful damage, such as breaking a window for fun, without the intent to commit a robbery.

Council has a reward in place for members of the public who witness a vandal.

“Basically you have to spot someone doing vandalism or graffiti to council property. You then obviously notify the police and if there’s a conviction, council will pay $2,500,” council's manager social services John Watts said.

In the last six years, the reward has only been claimed once.

“It’s been a lot of time between drinks, I supposed you would put it. I’ve only ever had two official requests. I’ve had people come up and say ‘what do I do to get the money?’ but they’ve never followed through,” Mr Watts said.

The reward was given out in 2013/14 when a whopping $102,000 in vandalism damage was recorded in the city. The parks and landcare division alone was hit with more than $84,000-worth of vandalism.

“I can recall that the person who claimed it was quite happy with it. If you be a good citizen and do the right thing, you get the reward,” Mr Watts said.

It was a large amount of money, and could make a huge difference, he said.