NSW puts regions first in Murray Darling Basin plan

NSW Regional Water Minister Niall Blair reiterated to the Ministerial Council the state would continue putting regions front and centre in the delivery of the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

“An outcome that ensured prosperous NSW Basin communities into the future, was always the stance that would be taken to MinCo,” Mr Blair said on Friday.

“Importantly, today in Mildura, the Ministerial Council agreed on a credible path forward – this is a positive step and the task now is to speak with people in the NSW Basin about how best to achieve it. Our review of the social and economic risks associated with further water recovery was a key discussion point and Ministerial Council acknowledged the need to prevent further economic decline.

“The approach to the 450 gigalitre upwater program must incorporate broader economic impacts beyond the farm gate – to the processing plant and logistics company, and all other businesses that rely on them.”

He said NSW is committed to managing Basin water resources by balancing requirements of industry, communities and the environment.